Heritage Papers

Beginning in 1981, The Waterdown-East Flamborough Heritage Society included 'Heritage Papers' in the Society newsletters. These papers cover a wide range of topics, including Pioneer Gardens, entries from Waterdown Council minutes, early families of Flamborough  and WW I veterans.  There are now ( as of June 2015) over 250 of these Heritage Papers.

The file copies of the early papers are of poor quality, and the illustrations are often just black squares. The Flamborough Archives is transcribing these early papers and attempting to locate the originals of the illustrations in order to include them in these reprints.  These will be added to the website as time permits.

These are intended for personal interest only. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of content contained in these papers but they were written with the intention of providing information to our members. Hopefully, there aren't too many errors.

Some of the papers have extracts from various publications. It is believed that these are in the public domain and that there were no copyright infringements, then or now.    Please respect our copyright.

# 1   - Sugar in Pioneer Ontario
# 2   - Pioneer Gardens in Ontario
# 3   - Flamboro' East c. 1867
# 16 - A Victorian Christmas ca. 1855