Irish Nicholson Families in Wentworth County


 Records in Wentworth County show the presence of a number of Irish Nicholson families who lived there. They may have been as closely connected as siblings, however only circumstantial evidence of this has been found. No wills or other documents giving the relationships have been located to this date.
If anyone has information connecting the original families, would they please contact the Flamborough Archives.

Susan Nicholson (1784-1877) was born in Bantry, County Cork, Ireland and died in East Flamborough.

  •  William Nicholson (1803-1867), born in Ireland and died in East Flamborough.
  •  George Henry Nicholson (1806-1873), born in Ireland and died in Binbrook.
  •  John Nicholson (1816-1889), born in Ireland and buried in Waterdown.
  •  James Nicholson (1820-1872), born in Bantry, Cork, Ireland and died in Hamilton.
  •  Eliza Jane (Nicholson) Smye (1825-1908), born in Ireland, buried in Waterdown. 

Detailed accounts of the George Henry Nicholson and Catherine Smye family and that of Eliza Jane Nicholson and Thomas Smye may be found in Early Years of the Smye Family in Wentworth County (Private Printing). The accounts indicate that the families came to Hamilton prior to 1851.  

Some of the evidence to connect the families:

  • Thomas Smye and Eliza Jane are found in West Flamborough in the 1851 census. In the 1861 census they are found in Binbrook next to George Henry Nicholson (1806).
  • Susan Nicholson (1784) in household as family member with John Nicholson (1816) in the 1861 census for East Flamborough, next to the family of William Nicholson (1803).
  • James Nicholson (1820) and wife Catherine Cole, both born in Bantry, Cork, Ireland, remained in Hamilton. Their children are named William, Susan, Eliza, John, George, Catherine and Thomas.
  • In the 1880 and 1881 census, three of William’s children live in East Flamborough, two live in Wisconsin, U.S.A.
  • In the 1881 census, George’s three younger children live in East Flamborough; the older ones live in Woodburn, Caistor and Nassagaweya.
  • In the 1881 census, three of John’s children live in East Flamborough; two in Brant near St. George and one in Beverly.
  • In the 1881 census, James’ children live in Hamilton, but two are later in West Flamborough.
  • In the 1881 census, two of Eliza’s children live in Waterdown, three in Beverly.


  •  Son of George Henry Nicholson (1806) married daughter of John Nicholson (1816).
  •  Son of John Nicholson (1816) married daughter of Eliza Jane Nicholson Smye (1825).
  •  Son of James Nicholson (1820) married granddaughter of William Nicholson (1803). 

 Burials: More than forty members or descendants of these families are buried at Grace Anglican Church Cemetery, Waterdown.  

This work is an attempt to sort out the families, and is not intended as an in-depth genealogy on any of them. It is a starting place for Nicholson descendants to trace their family.  

Jane Croft, October 2011

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